What to Expect from Your First Chiropractic Visit?

With the growing popularity of invasive treatments; it is not uncommon to see an increasing population of people trying to book their first appointment with the best chiropractor Orange County. However, most feel an unusual sense of apprehension while going for their first appointment. We lay down a few pointers as to what to expect on your first visit.

Medical history and current symptoms.

Like in any stream of medicine, the chiropractor would first try to find out your medical history and all the current medical conditions and its symptoms that you are suffering from. This information is vital as it gives him a holistic picture of your medical condition and then chalks out a correct treatment path.

The chiropractic physical examination

The next step would be a thorough chiropractic physical examination. Here first, few common basic tests are conducted like the blood pressure, pulse rate, reflexes, respiration, etc. Then specific chiropractic examination is conducted which includes checking on the range of motion, muscle strength and its tone, neurological integrity, etc. This test is comprehensive and clears the ailment present. (more…)

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