Main differences between memory foam and latex foam

A typical conundrum faced by buyers of mattresses is the choice between latex and memory foam. The comfort levels of memory foam are relatively higher when compared with latex. However, the material used in memory foam goes against it as individuals are now concerned about the materials used in products. This is especially true in the case of creature comforts and other products where there is continued use. Here is a look at the three different types of latex foam used in Mattress Gilbert.

Natural latex foam is a product that is processed from the sap of rubber trees. One of the advantages of natural latex foam is its long-lasting quality. It is known to last for as long as 15 years depending on how it is maintained. However because of its natural source, it expensive forms of latex. Most companies typically offer multi-layered latex foam, with natural latex comprising the topmost layer. Companies typically confuse buyers by not clearly listing out the extent of natural latex used.

Synthetic latex is actually a chemical, which is manufacturing factories and produces a latex variant that is not natural. Almost 70% of latex homes being sold worldwide are synthetic. This is manufactured from petrochemicals. Main substances comprise styrene and butadiene in synthetic latex. This is preferred by manufacturers because of its ability to be molded and shaped in a manner that will make it appear similar to natural latex but with qualities that make it more desirable.

Blended latex is more of an attempt to offset the drawbacks of synthetic latex. It comprises a mix of synthetic latex and natural latex. The composition is intended to bring the lighter natural latex 2 balance with the dense synthetic latex it comes with these qualities that make it a good choice along with the fact that it is priced reasonably and within the budget of most individuals. The general ratio of the blend is around 60% of synthetic with natural latex comprising 40%. However, many manufacturers also use 70% of synthetic latex in blended variants.

Some of the drawbacks of purely synthetic or blended latex with high synthetic content are the risk to health and probable foul smell from the material. On a comparative basis, natural latex in Mattress Gilbert is more soft, with better spring-like qualities.

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